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Utakata Village serves as the base of operations for the player character within the game and is situated right on the front lines in the battle between the humans and the Oni. Besides Utakata Village, there are a number of other villages in the Midlands that serve as the backbone of the humans' resistance.

Slayer Headquarters

The command center for the Slayers within Utakata Village.
It includes the following facilities:
Event scenes

Command Center

The location where orders from the Slayers organization are received. Here, Slayers are given the missions to go and slay the Oni.


Here, Slayers can receive training from Yamato, the leader of the Slayers within Utakata Village. This is the place to learn about the basics of battle.


An encyclopedia compiled by Shūsui, the researcher for the Slayers. A wide variety of information concerning the Oni and the Otherworld can be found here.

Offering box

A place where the Slayers gather before going out on their missions. Offerings are made using Haku. Good things may happen when large donations of Haku are made.


The player character's home. Equipment can be changed here and
a record of the player's activities is kept.
This is also where the player's Tenko resides.

Equipment chest

This is a place to store weapons and armor. Equipment can be changed here.

Materials chest

A place to store materials that have been obtained.

Portal Stone

A mysterious stone monument that enables the multiplayer portion of the game. There is also one located in front of the Slayers Headquarters.


View letters sent to the player character. By carrying out the requests of the villagers, they will also send thank-you letters in return.


A written record of the player character's exploits.


This enables communication with the Tenko that resides together with the player character.


A facility that can create and upgrade weapons and armor for the Slayers. The facility is run by the stubborn blacksmith known as Tatara.

Create Weapon

Use materials and Haku(**) to create a new weapon.

Upgrade Weapon

There are two types of upgrades: Fortify & Reforge


Increase the abilities of weapons and armor. It is possible to use Fortify on weapons up to 9 times and fortified weapons may also gain additional sockets(**). It may also increase the Compatibility(**) of the weapon to the maximum as well.


Use Haku and materials to turn your old weapon into an entirely new weapon.

Create Armor

Use materials and Haku to create new armor.

Upgrade Armor

There are two types of upgrades: Fortify & Reforge

**Haku A spiritual bond that ties together the spirit and the physical form of all things. It can be obtained by performing from the Ritual of Purification, and is needed to manufacture and process weapons and armor, as well as upgrade Mitama. A crystallized form of these bonds has also come to be used as currency throughout the land.
**Compatibility Using weapons and armor causes this to increase.
**Sockets The slots where Mitama can be placed within a weapon; there is a "Main" socket and "Secondary" slots. The battle style and Skills will be assigned based on the Mitama assigned to the main slot, while Mitama in the secondary slots support the character with their Boosts only. Each weapon can be upgraded to have only one main slot but up to two secondary slots (varies by weapon).


A facility that is responsible for the management and development of the Mitama.
The mysterious Shrine Maiden known as Shikimi is responsible for looking after the Mitama.


By devoting Haku to the Mitama, the level of the Mitama can be increased, which leads to more Boosts being unlocked for that Mitama.


Resets a Mitama to Level 1. This is useful for when players want to select different Boosts than what they have already chosen in the course of upgrading the Mitama.

Mitama development Mitama have levels, and as their levels increase, they can learn additional Boosts as well. However, the number of Boosts that one Mitama can learn is capped at three, so learning an additional Boost means that one will have to be discarded first.

Mitama levels can be raised by donating Haku to the Shrine. Additionally, Mitama taken to battle will also absorb a portion of the Haku released during the fighting. However, levels can only be raised at the Shrine.

Other facilities

There are other facilities within Utakata Village as well.
These facilities are important to further develop one's abilities.


A store that carries everything from weapons, armor and Oni materials to secret items. The details on how they get their items in stock remain a mystery.

Pool of Purity 

A hot spring at the edge of the village, into which a crystal-clear waterfall flows. The Slayers use this as a place to cleanse their bodies. The time schedules for males and females are usually separated, but...

Guardian Tree

A giant and ancient tree growing in the center of Utakata Village, there is a deserted shrine near its roots. Occasionally, a strange voice can be heard coming from it.

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