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These strange, demon-like creatures came from another world to devour the souls of living beings and change them into their own life force. The larger Oni also possess the ability to regenerate any limbs that they may have lost. For more than 1,000 years, the Slayers have fought against them from the shadows, but when vast hordes of them appeared eight years ago during the Awakening, the order of the world was permanently disrupted.

A large Oni with the body of a spider and the head of a lion,
they are highly feared by the villagers.
With their sickle-shaped claws, they can cut through
just about anything, leading to their bloodstained appearance.

Chthonian Fiend
A large Oni that is enshrouded in hellfire,
they possess an overwhelming presence and untold strength.
It is thought that they are a higher level Oni,
but the exact details are unclear.

A large Oni resembling a four-legged beast,
they earned their name due to the way they slice
through the wind as they effortlessly move about.
They fly nimbly across the battlefield and attack
with a sense of purpose, which has led
to the deaths of many Slayers.

A large Oni, they use their four wings to easily
soar through the skies and can incinerate their
foes with their scorching hot breath.
They have appeared in various Ages,
and there are records of them suddenly
appearing and laying waste to entire villages.

A large Oni with a body like that of a mountain,
they are highly intelligent and are capable of
even setting traps for Slayers.
In addition, the attacks from their massive bodies
must be avoided at all costs as their charge
and leaping attacks are especially adept
at crushing every bone in a Slayer's body.

A large Oni with massive fin-like arms that
they use to burrow through the ground and perform
powerful attacks. They also utilize a sliding charge
attack while on their stomachs, during which
they use their fins to control their bodies.

A large Oni that resembles a ferocious warrior,
their four arms possess the power of fire and ice.
Since they do not have any type of legs,
they move slowly, but their long range
and wide-reaching attacks are not to be underestimated.

Viper Queen
A large Oni that resembles a woman,
their name comes from the snake-like appearance
of their lower bodies. Highly intelligent,
they are proficient with curses and can attack
with the power of ice.

An Oni that resembles a giant bird,
their wings are hard as stone and sharp as knives.
With explosive rocks in their body,
they can drop them from the sky like bombs.

Hell's Warden
An Oni often referred to as the "Bulwark,"
they are a higher level Oni that are
among the most difficult to overcome.
With their hard shell,
they possess incredible
defensive properties.

A higher class Oni with four arms and
a body like a snake, they have overwhelming
strength and magical powers.
They are also intelligent and possess abilities
similar to the Skills utilized by the Slayers.

Cimmerian King
The most revered of all Oni, they have earned the title of King,
and dwell primarily in the most profound depths of the Otherworld.
The appearance of a Cimmerian King in the world indicates that
the gates between dimensions are open, and an Awakening is upon us.
It is said that humans have no choice but to bow down
in fear in the face of their overwhelming strength.

A small Oni with sharp claws and
a prominent belly, they can be found
throughout the Otherworld.
They always move in packs,
and will attack any human they see.

A small Oni that resembles a spider,
they often appear in large numbers.
They are capable of spitting forth
a powerful poison, so newer
Slayers should keep a close eye
on them at all times.

A giant Oni that for some reason displays no interest in humans,
they simply lurch about the Otherworld at their leisure.
On occasion, they have been seen spewing forth an unknown substance,
leading to speculation that their purpose is to promote the conversion
of the human world into the Otherworld.

Blazing Soul
A small Oni that is engulfed in flames and floats in the air.
They do not move about much, simply investigating their immediate
surroundings, so it is believed that they are some sort of scouts.
They are capable of spewing forth powerful flames,
making it deadly to get too close to them without taking
proper precautions.

A small Oni that is capable of flight by flapping
its large ears, they attack with balls of lightning
when at a distance, and use their whip-like tails
when up close.
Slayers need to approach carefully when
they see these enemies moving in groups.

An Oni that burrows through the earth,
they utilize sound and vibrations to know when
their prey approaches and rise up suddenly from
the ground to strike. Normally, they devour the souls
of organisms within the ground, but recently,
they have aggressively pursued prey
above ground in Ages where the
conversion to the Otherworld
has progressed.

An Oni that resembles a turtle,
they are at home near water.
The shell on their backs is as hard as stone,
and they are capable of multiple varying attacks.
The bottom part of their shell is relatively soft,
making them vulnerable when they are
flipped over on their backs.

An Oni with the head of a monkey,
the body of a tiger, and a snake for
a tail, they are one of the stronger
smaller sized Oni. In addition to
their speed, they utilize their sharp
fangs and claws for powerful attacks.
They are a definite threat to
novice Slayers.

An Oni with massive sharp claws that
are covered in a red shell, they slide
across the ground and can breathe fire.
Highly aggressive, they attack
humans on sight.
They are among the stronger smaller
sized Oni, and are commonly referred
to as "Recruit Hunters" due to the
sheer number of Slayers that have
died in battle with them.

An Oni with golden skin, they possess
no legs and instead move by using their
arms to crawl forward. As a result,
they move slowly, but their arms
are highly developed, meaning
that the powerful blows from their
large right arms are capable of
smashing through even the
strongest armor.

An Oni that resembles a toad, they are aggressive
in a way that belies their sluggish appearance and
will attack humans on sight. They spew forth
a poisonous fog that slows down their prey's
movement, and enables them to attack
with their thorn-spiked tongue.

A winged Oni, they appear from inside a whirlwind and are
among the elite class of smaller sized Oni. Highly intelligent
and powerful, they soar through the skies and look for
opportunities to attack the Slayers.

  • ミフチ
  • ゴウエンマ
  • カゼキリ
  • ヒノマガトリ
  • クエヤマ
  • タケイクサ
  • ツチカヅキ
  • ミズチメ
  • ダイマエン
  • クナトサエ
  • ヤトノヌシ
  • トコヨノオウ
  • ガキ
  • ササガニ
  • ノヅチ
  • オニビ
  • オンモラキ
  • ドリュウ
  • モイノワ
  • ヌエ
  • ワイラ
  • キンキ
  • ナキサワ
  • マウフ

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