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There are many people within Utakata Village other than just the Slayers, who support the Slayers in their day to day life. Although the threat of the Oni has never been greater, the presence of the energy barrier around the village has allowed them to live relatively peaceful lives.

Kikka is the Sacred Shrine Maiden of Utakata Village
and is Ōka's younger sister. Her duty is to erect
an energy barrier around the village, which keeps
the Oni invasion at bay. She was raised in isolation
and was unable to go outside for a long time,
so she knows very little about the world.
However, she has a strong sense of responsibility
and hates to lose at anything she does,
so she devotes herself wholeheartedly to the
defense of Utakata Village.

The leader of the Slayers within Utakata Village.
Always calm and collected, he detests weakness
of any kind. He was once a famous Slayer,
but retired from service after losing an eye during
the wars of the Awakening. Although he normally
hides it deep within his heart, he cares strongly
for his friends and comrades.

A researcher for the Slayers, he supports them from
the shadows by providing them information on battle
tactics and other topics. An analytical genius,
he has made many important discoveries.
With his affable attitude, he is liked by those around
him, but he can also seem somewhat suspicious at times.

Yamato's daughter and the secretary of the Utakata
Command Center for the Slayers, she is always bright
and cheerful while sending them out to battle.
She treats everybody equally and is one of the most
popular people within the village. However,
nobody dares get too close to her out of fear of her father.

The finest blacksmith in
Utakata Village,
he crafts quality weapons and equipment
from the materials brought back by
the Slayers. Although he is stubborn and
takes extreme pride in his work, he can be
counted on to create whatever is asked of him.
Sometimes, he has even been known to make
Tenko accessories.

A Shrine Maiden dedicated to appeasing the Mitama,
only she can strengthen the bonds that serve as a
source of power for the Slayers and the Mitama.
Slightly aloof, she always follows her own unique path.
It is not always clear what she is thinking,
but she is actually very serious and does not abide frivolity.

These are mysterious animals that live
within Utakata Village. An indigenous species to
the region, they are part of a unique ecology,
but their origins are shrouded in mystery.
They understand human speech and are extremely
intelligent, so they assist people while leisurely
residing within Utakata Village.

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  • Tenko

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