25/02/2014 Toukiden x Soul Sacrifice!

- Toukiden x Soul Sacrifice section launched.

14/02/2014 Toukiden: The Age of Demons - OUT NOW!

- Toukiden is out now. Download it on PlayStation Store!
- #justslayin' section launched.

12/02/2014 Movies, Oni & Mitama sections updated!

- Movies section updated with 3 new videos.
- All Oni added to the section.
- Mitama section updated with 14 new Mitama.

05/02/2014 Utakata Villagers, Base & Gameplay Movie added!

- Utakata Villagers section added.
- Base section added.
- New Battle Action (Gameplay) movie added.
- Mitama section updated.

05/02/2014 Blog updated!

- Entry 5: A Day in the Life. Click here to read.

29/01/2014 Blog updated!

- Entry 4: All for One. Click here to read.

29/01/2014 Demo available now!

- Toukiden: The Age of Demons demo is now available on PlayStation Store! Click here to download.

16/01/2014 Characters, Oni, Weapon Actions & Movies updated!

- Characters section updated with Character Creation screens.
- More Oni added to the section.
- Weapon Actions section added.
- Introduction Trailer (Anime) added to the Movies section.

18/12/2013 Blog updated!

- Blog updated - Entry 3: Mitama, the Soul! Click here to read.

12/12/2013 Characters & Movies section updated!

- Introducing Hatsuho, Hayatori and Ibuki!
- Opening movie added!

27/11/2013 Toukiden official site open!

- Toukiden Official site open!

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